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Gurtner carburettor main jet, sizes 50,52,54,55,56,60,62,64,70,72,76,78,80,84,86,88,92,94,96,100

Product Code: AD/GURTMJET
Brand: Pattern Parts
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X 1 Gurtner Main Jet

Sizes 50,52,54,55,56,60,62,64,70,72,76,78,80,84,86,88,92,94,96,100

Jet changes are necessary when changing exhaust systems, air filters, cylinder kits or even just after a de restriction. Available in sizes 50 right through to 115 for PY Gurtner carburettors. Please order the quantity of jets you require then type in the sizes that you require in the order notes page.

Please note all jets are non returnable so please check what carburettor you have before ordering.

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